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Equipment – grow 5 a day

Why The Are Useful

Garden Vac

Hedge Trimmer

Hand Blender

Garden vacuum / blower, shreds and collects waste in a bag for convenient emptying for mashing. The main disadvantage is that the waste must be dry otherwise it will clog the shredding mechanism

Safety hedge trimmer, looks strange but it has advantages over typical hedge trimmers in that not only does it shred whilst trimming but it collects trimming waste in a bag.

The hand held blender is the heart of the operation, without it everything would be far more difficult and take many times longer. Limit use to 20-30 seconds on maximum setting every 20 mins.


Hand Tools

The reusable containers are as useful as they are varied. From yogurt pots to pop bottles and drinks cups.All that is needed is drainage holes in the bottom of the container. 

The 2 types of hand tools, plastic for wormery use. Reason being no metal edge to harm any worms. Metal tools for garden and other outdoor work. Which may require more effort greater strength tools. Digging holes for transplanting plants and trees.