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Mash – grow 5 a day

The waste products to be converted into worm mash are any organic products, paper, cardboard, food waste, vegetable peelings etc. 

Household, office and garden  waste as long as it is organic and not poisonous.

Cardboard is a problem as it is too thick for the paper shredder.

The waste is shredded, then soaked in water and hand blended using a wand hand blender. 

The mash can either be drained or poured into the wormery or into the container.

The shredded hedge trimmings from the Safety Hedge Trimmer is blended with added water. Being more nutritious for the worms.

  •  I have been developing a new wormery project. The (paper and foliage mash) mash I have been tipping directly into the container.
  • The idea is that the worms have finished digesting the mash, the nutrients will be directly absorbed by the tree roots. (replace when all or partly consumed)
  •  Another advantage is that the mash above the soil level will kill off any weeds or other unwanted plants. Not only is this good for the tree but will also save the gardener (me) a lot of time saved from weeding. Especially if there is a temptation to use weed killer.The mash may also kill off any unwanted bugs and insects whose larvae may be growing in the subsurface area of the container.The mash forms a crust when dried out, this will slow the tub from drying out and killing the tree.