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Projects – grow 5 a day
  • 1 Hand Blender (wand type) this is essential for churning the waste into worm food. Worms (to my knowledge) do not have teeth and so cannot chew. The smaller the pieces of food the better, the more they will eat, the faster they grow, the more they reproduce. The essential component type of any wormery is lots and lots of worms.
  • 2 There are several ways of making wormeries, for these illustrations  I will keep it as simple as possible. A 2 litre empty pop bottle, with the top cut off and holes in the bottom (for drainage).
  • 3 What are you going to grow, either purchase your preferred seeds, some seeds you can only buy, lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage etc seeds, I have never seen any of these seeding or even flowering. Or go for the seeds that are in the food you eat, tomato, cucumber, melons, apples etc.

For smaller plants used clean drinking cups (which are normally thrown away after a single use) with a hole in the bottom for drainage. The smaller cups can be used for seedlings and later transplanted into the larger pots when needed.

An example is if only a few large plants are grown at a time such as tomato plants. Start growing 24 tomato plants in the small cups and transplant 2 a month to the 2 litre pots. This will give you a years worth of tomato plants, when one of the plants has either started fruiting tomato’s then get a replacement ready by transferring to another 2 litre bottle.

When plants that are kept in a small container for long periods and then are transferred to a larger container there is normally a spurt of growth that will  make the plant grow to maturity far faster.

For larger plants the 2 litre pop bottles are ideal. The tall narrow shape means more plants can be grown in a specific area rather than the wider based plant potts.