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Community Soup – grow 5 a day

Community Soup Project

Step 1

Acquire Soup Cups

The amount of soup that can be made is dependent on the number of cups that are available.

Step 2

The Recipe is important but the main reason is to calculate how much soup can be made is dependent on the total volume of the soup containers, allowing for second and thirds.

Ensuring a list of ingredients is available to ensure against possible allergic response.

Step 3

The Recipe which is chosen should also provide additional vitamins and minerals. So a wide range of ingredients not just tomatoes. BBC Good Food Recipe for a tomato soup also includes, carrot, celery, onion, olive oil, tomato puree, bay leaves. (vegetable) stock cubes. Taking into account vegan and vegetarian requirements.

Step 4

Getting most of the required ingredients based on 20kg of tomatoes.  Prepared frozen bags of each of the following. 2Kg carrot, 2Kg celery, 2Kg onion,  bay leaves and tomato puree.

Step 5

Beginning the cooking process of the other ingredients, carrot, celery, onion, olive oil, tomato puree, bay leaves. (vegetable) stock cubes. Then freezing until tomatoes are cooked.

Step 6

Once all of the other ingredients are prepared and cooked. The cooking of the tomatoes can be done either all at once or spread over a few days, ideally on the morning of the distribution.

Step 7

The distribution will require the cooperation of existing homeless groups which already have staff and volunteers who know where the homeless are. The hardcore homeless wont be found on the high street. The distributors safety will be paramount so groups of distributors must be at least 4 strong.

Thanks Moira, the first of many soup cups for the homeless

Thanks Arthur, for 9 soup cups, which can freeze the other soup ingredients until the tomatoes are ready. combined capacity 4.5 litres

Thanks Doug, more than enough of the. soup cups for the homeless.  1400 minimum